Talk at the Faculty of Political Science, University of Bucharest Thursday, Oct 7 2021 

I’m happy to deliver this talk on the Canadian Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the Indian Residential Schools for the students and faculty in political science, at the University of Bucharest. All welcome tomorrow morning at 11 am, October 8, in Calea Plevnei 59. Thank you to Caterina Preda and Alexandra Iancu for organizing this event.

Talk at Faculty of History, University of Bucharest Thursday, Oct 7 2021 

On October 4 in Amfiteatrul Iorga at the faculty of History of the University of Bucharest I delivered a talk on transitional justice as a field. Big classroom, a good crowd! The talk was registered and is available on the FB website of the faculty.

Conference in Constanta Thursday, Oct 7 2021 

Happy to deliver a talk, in Romanian, on transitional justice as a field to the students of Ovidius University in Constanta. On October 5, 2021. the prepared a lovely poster, and I got two small paintings by the talented Ada Codau as a gift.