I’m happy to see that the second edited book part of a just completed SSHRC project has been published. When thinking of the starting point of that grant, and the long summer I spent to write that application alone, it feels like a completely different life. This was a challenging project, maybe more than others I’ve been associated with. I often felt alone when seeking collaborators, gathering information, finding a press willing to take on such a project, writing the book proposal, and rethinking chapters and ideas.

But I’m happy we were able to bring this project to completion. This is also the end of my collaboration with the co-editor – after 35 years together, 29 years of marriage, and almost 23 years of common research. In 1998, I was invited to write a chapter on religion and politics for an edited book, and in turn I invited Lucian Turcescu as co-author. Since then, through thick and thin, we co-authored numerous books, chapters, articles, conference presentations, book proposals and grant application. I’ve been the lead in all of these, and in all SSHRC projects submitted in his or my name. Even his most recent conference presentation, delivered in Greece in February 2020, was initially an invitation addressed to me. We part ways this year, looking for a brighter future!

Congratulations to all contributors for a job well done! The book reads well and looks good.