This summer new CNATDCU committees have been constituted for various fields. I applied for a seat on the political science committee and I was appointed as a member of the panel which adjudicated the applications in “military sciences, information and public order” [sic!]. Together with Marian Zulean and Serban Cioculescu were selected from among the 14 applications received. Two members were added to a new committee that combines political science and military/information sciences [which should be, in fact, security studies]. In the end, I was not appointed as a member of the political science committee, but of a new structure, so-called “panel” that sits between the general council of CNTDCU and the discipline committees. We’ll see how it goes!

The minister’s order that decided the committee and panel composition is here:și-funcționare-și-componența-nominală-consiliului-național-de?fbclid=IwAR1BjHZ-k1LQY_bK1nyKp_5gVDSUsmKiFz-0Zu348onAlgOHpF1AbbOKpiU.