Nadya Nedelsky and I are happy to report that all entries for the second edition of the Encyclopedia of Transitional Justice have been updated or completed. This edition updates and greatly expands the first edition, published in 2013 with Cambridge University Press. John Berger was the editor who supported this project from the very start – we want to thank him for everything. We also thank all our contributors on all continents – who took the time to write their entries, to search for new information, and to put up with our corrections and questions. And what a marvellous job they did – we now have entries on the UN Panel of Inquiry into North Korean Human Rights Abuses, the Bulgarian inquiry commission into Belene Camp murders, and the three Israeli commissions that investigated the transfer of Yemeni children to other families. And many others…The Encyclopedia remains the most important reference work in the field of transitional justice.

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