Cynthia Horne and I send the manuscript of the co-edited book on Transitional Justice e and the Former Soviet Union to Cambridge University Press some weeks ago. CUP meanwhile developed a webpage for this title, available at: The expected publication date is June 2018, so maybe we will be able to present parts of this volume (at least the chapter on Moldova) at the SRS international conference in Bucharest.

The book is described as: “In the twenty-five years since the Soviet Union was dismantled, the countries of the Former Soviet Union have faced different circumstances and responded differently to the need to redress and acknowledge the communist past and the suffering of their people. While some have adopted transitional justice and accountability measures, others have chosen to reject them; these choices have directly affected state building and societal reconciliation efforts. This is the most comprehensive account to date of post-Soviet efforts to address, distort, ignore, or recast the past through the use, manipulation, and obstruction of transitional justice measures and memory politics initiatives. Editors Cynthia M. Horne and Lavinia Stan have gathered contributions by top scholars in the field, allowing the disparate post-communist studies and transitional justice scholarly communities to come together and reflect on the past and its implications for the future of the region.”