Honoured to become an Advisory Board member of the Cultures of History Forum in Germany, whose September 4 meeting was most illuminating and engaging. The Forum is an online journal part of the ‘History and the Public Sphere’ research stream at the Imre Kertész Kolleg in the Friedrich Schiller University Jena. It is concerned with “how the countries of Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe, which more than any other European region have been shaped by the vicissitudes of the twentieth century, address and negotiate their histories in public. Such negotiation is a continuous process that takes place in different spheres: the cultural, social and political.”

The Forum invites contributions along “three key areas of concern: museums and exhibitions; public debates and controversies; and official acts and government programmes.” It encourages experts from the region, and experts studying the region from outside of it, to examine “the ways in which history is presented through images and visual representations in museums and exhibitions,” to investigate local media-based debates over historical issues and diverging interpretations of the 20th century past, and to “look into specific political acts, legislation or programmes carried out in order to strengthen specific historical interpretations or narratives and/or to weaken others.”

More information is available on the Forum‘s website, at http://www.cultures-of-history.uni-jena.de/home/.