Vocile exilului – a new series inaugurated at Ovidius University Friday, May 26 2017 

Daniel Citiriga and Florin Anghel have taken the initiative to launch a new series of interviews with Romanian diaspora members. I happened to be the first one in line for this event, inaugurated on May 18 at the Ovidius University in Constanta, Romania. A book is planned for the near future.

Book launch – the SRS-Polirom series Friday, May 26 2017 

On May 16, we had a very well attended book launch of Romania postcomunista: trecut, prezent, viitor. This title, the four in the SRS-Polirom Studii Romanesti/Romanian Studies series coordinated by Irina Livezeanu and Lavinia Stan, is the translation into Romanian of a volume originally published in 2015 by Rowman & Littlefield. Thank you to Ovidius University for an extraordinary event.

Honorary Doctorate ceremony at Ovidius Friday, May 26 2017 

I am honoured for having received an honorary doctorate from the Ovidius University in Constanta, Romania, where I have some very good friends working in history, political science, economics, literature and languages. Thank you to the Faculty of History and Political Science who nominated me, the selection committee, and Rector Sorin Rugina for their support and warm welcome.

Transitional justice lecture at Constanta Friday, May 26 2017 

Some photos from the lecture on transitional justice in North Korea held at Ovidius University on May 15. It was a pleasure to meet my friends again.