My last class of PSCI 335 in the soon-to-be-demolished NH Friday, Apr 7 2017 

PSCI 335

And the party after… Friday, Apr 7 2017 

Thesis presentations a huge success Friday, Apr 7 2017 

Last month we had two sets of thesis presentations in the department. Besides the traditional presentations attended by students and professors from the Department of Political Science, we tried for the first time ever 90-second thesis presentations. We even had prizes for the best presentations. Good luck, to all our graduates!

Some photos from the event:


Delayed recognition for CUP anniversary book Friday, Apr 7 2017 

Post-Communist Transitional Justice: Lessons from Twenty-Five Years of Experience, a title I co-edited with Nadya Nedelsky for the 25th anniversary of the collapse of the communist regimes in Romania, has been included in a short presentation of books recently published by StFX faculty. Published by Cambridge University Press, the volume includes chapters signed by reputable experts in the field.


Taking stock of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the collapse of the communist regimes of Central and Eastern Europe, this volume explores the ways these societies have grappled with the serious human rights violations of past regimes. It focuses on the most important factors that have shaped the nature, speed, and sequence of transitional justice programs in the period spanning the tumultuous revolutions that brought about the collapse of the communist dictatorships and the consolidation of new democratic regimes. Contributors explain why leaders made certain choices, discuss the challenges they faced, and explore the role of under-studied actors and grassroots strategies. Written by recognized experts with an unparalleled grasp of the region’s communist and post-communist reality, this volume addresses far-reaching reckoning, redress, and retribution policy choices. It is an engaging and carefully crafted volume, and it covers a wide variety of cases and discusses key transitional justice theories using both qualitative and quantitative research methods.