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Romania is an understudied example of the course of transitional justice in East Central Europe since the fall of Communism and few scholars have devoted as much analysis to the country’s record in this domain as have Lavinia Stan and Lucian Turcescu. This present volume, in which the two author-editors assemble contributions from other notable experts in the field, constitutes an invaluable case-study by demonstrating that Romania’s hesitant approach to addressing the iniquities of the Communist past raises questions with which scholars of transitional justice continue to grapple. This collection will become a reference point for an understanding of contemporary Romanian politics and society and for an appreciation of them in a comparative East Central European context. Dennis Deletant, Visiting Ion Rațiu Professor of Romanian Studies, Georgetown University

Delving into Romania’s complex and sometimes confounding approach to its communist past, this volume illuminates an understudied case and its relevance to the study and practice of transitional justice worldwide. At once deep and expansive, it is an important contribution to the literature. Nadya Nedelsky, Chair, International Studies, Macalester College