Political Data Yearbook – the 10th Report on Romania Tuesday, Jan 24 2017 

This is the tenth year I coauthor with Razvan Zaharia the report on Romania for the Political Data Yearbook, which has been published by the leading European Journal of Political Research for over a decade. We started the first report in 2007, writing on political developments that marked Romania during the preceding year. It was an interesting journey for us, and a huge responsibility for the editors, who gathered a distinguished group of contributors writing on most countries in Europe, North America, and Australia. We hope the report and the data meticulously included in it each year assist government officials, political analysts, researchers and graduate students in understanding that country. I’ve been told that data on cabinet composition and elections for all countries included in the PDY has been widely used for analysis. We are glad Romania is included, and glad to be part of this group!

Some data is available freely at: http://www.politicaldatayearbook.com

Romania postcomunista la 25 de ani Sunday, Jan 8 2017 

Today we settled on the front cover of the Romanian translation of a book published last year with Rowman & Littlefield: Post-Communist Romania at 25: Linking Past, Present and Future. The translation will appear this year as part of the SRS-Polirom Romanian Studies book series (https://society4romanianstudies.org/2016/06/18/book-series/). We thank Polirom for their support in seeing this volume published.


The book is presented this way on the Rowman & Littlefield website: 2014 marked the 25th anniversary of the collapse of communist regimes in Eastern Europe. The events of 1989 are widely seen as having ushered in new all-encompassing reforms in almost all areas of life. In few other places were reforms more contested and divisive than in Romania, a country that suffered greatly under the sultanistic-cum-totalitarian dictatorship of Nicolae Ceausescu, faced the region’s only bloody anti-communist revolt, and as such had the longest to travel on the road from communism to democracy. We now have a generation’s worth of experience with these wrenching reforms that have deeply affected Romania’s political institutions and political culture, and ultimately allowed it to become a member of the coveted European Union club. This volume gathers key lessons for democratic theory and practice from Romania’s first twenty-five years of post-communist transformation. Written by leading experts in the field of Romanian Studies, the chapters focus on the most important factors that have shaped the country’s political transformation during the first 25 years of post-communism (https://rowman.com/ISBN/9781498501101/Post-Communist-Romania-at-Twenty-Five-Linking-Past-Present-and-Future#).

New volume to appear in February 2017 Sunday, Jan 8 2017 


Dust cover will include two blurbs:

Romania is an understudied example of the course of transitional justice in East Central Europe since the fall of Communism and few scholars have devoted as much analysis to the country’s record in this domain as have Lavinia Stan and Lucian Turcescu. This present volume, in which the two author-editors assemble contributions from other notable experts in the field, constitutes an invaluable case-study by demonstrating that Romania’s hesitant approach to addressing the iniquities of the Communist past raises questions with which scholars of transitional justice continue to grapple. This collection will become a reference point for an understanding of contemporary Romanian politics and society and for an appreciation of them in a comparative East Central European context. Dennis Deletant, Visiting Ion Rațiu Professor of Romanian Studies, Georgetown University

Delving into Romania’s complex and sometimes confounding approach to its communist past, this volume illuminates an understudied case and its relevance to the study and practice of transitional justice worldwide. At once deep and expansive, it is an important contribution to the literature. Nadya Nedelsky, Chair, International Studies, Macalester College