In 2016 the Society of Romanian Studies further consolidated its position as the world leader in the field of Romanian Studies, broadly defined.

Our membership remains strong, and we are continuing our activities, including scholarly prizes and publications. We have recently launched a new mentorship program to link junior and senior scholars interested in Romania, Moldova, their minorities, and diaspora communities. As we welcome the new year, we are looking forward to awarding the graduate student essay prize and the book prize in 2017, to publishing cutting-edge studies in the Romanian Studies book series at Polirom, and to beginning preparations for the summer 2018 SRS international congress in Bucharest.

On behalf of the Society we want to thank you for your continuous support and donations, and for your invaluable input and participation in SRS. We are eager to hear about your current research projects and publications!

Happy New Year!

Lavinia Stan
SRS President