The front cover for the upcoming Post-Communist Romania at Twenty-Five: Linking Past, Present, and Future, which I co-edited with Diane Vance, is now available! The book takes stock of the developments in politics, media, elections since the collapse of the communist regime.


It includes:

Preface, by Paul E. Sum

Introduction, by Lavinia Stan

I: Expectations for a Democratic Future and Worries about the Communist Past

1 The Start of a New Era?: Romanians React to Ceauşescu’s Fall, by Katherine Verdery

2 Coming to Terms with the Communist Past: Democracy and Memory in Romania, by Marius Stan and Vladimir Tismaneanu

3 Public Space and the Material Legacies of Communism in Bucharest, by Duncan Light and Craig Young

II: Politics from Below Identity, Civil Society, and the Mediak

4 Ethnicity, Nationalism and the Minority Regime, by Levente Salat and Csaba Zoltán Novák

5 On Women, Feminism and Democracy, by Mihaela Miroiu

6 Political Culture and Participation: Between Enthusiasm and Indifference?, by Radu Cinpoeş

7 Spectacular Alterations, Few Changes in Romania’s Media, by Peter Gross

III: Politics from Above: Representation, Parties, and Presidents

8 Representation, Incumbency, and the Quality of Romanian Democracy, by Ronald F. King and Cosmin Gabriel Marian

9 Unsocial Democrats: The PSD’s Negative Role in Romania’s Democracy, by Tom Gallagher

10 House of Cards: The Presidency from Iliescu to Basescu, by Lavinia Stan and Diane Vancea

IV: The EU Factor: Accession, Rule of Law, and Human Rights

11 Romania’s Commitment to the Rule of Law?, by Dennis Deletant

12 Environmental Network Governance in Romania, by Cristina E. Parau

Conclusion: Post-Communist Romania at 25 and Hopes for the Future, by Monica Ciobanu