Poster for SRS conference ready Thursday, May 28 2015 


New book now on Rowman & Littlefield website Tuesday, May 19 2015 

The new book I edited with Diane Vancea is now announced on the Rowman & Littlefield’s website, at We are hoping that the volume will be published very soon. Book launches will take place in Bucharest on June 17, at the international congress of the Society for Romanian Studies, and in Constanta on June 22, at the University Ovidius.

The book is presented this way: “2014 marked the 25th anniversary of the collapse of communist regimes in Eastern Europe. The events of 1989 are widely seen as having ushered in new all-encompassing reforms in almost all areas of life. In few other places were reforms more contested and divisive than in Romania, a country that suffered greatly under the sultanistic-cum-totalitarian dictatorship of Nicolae Ceausescu, faced the region’s only bloody anti-communist revolt, and as such had the longest to travel on the road from communism to democracy. We now have a generation’s worth of experience with these wrenching reforms that have deeply affected Romania’s political institutions and political culture, and ultimately allowed it to become a member of the coveted European Union club. This volume gathers key lessons for democratic theory and practice from Romania’s first twenty-five years of post-communist transformation. Written by leading experts in the field of Romanian Studies, the chapters focus on the most important factors that have shaped the country’s political transformation during the first 25 years of post-communism.”

Front cover for new book Friday, May 1 2015 

The front cover for the upcoming Post-Communist Romania at Twenty-Five: Linking Past, Present, and Future, which I co-edited with Diane Vance, is now available! The book takes stock of the developments in politics, media, elections since the collapse of the communist regime.


It includes:

Preface, by Paul E. Sum

Introduction, by Lavinia Stan

I: Expectations for a Democratic Future and Worries about the Communist Past

1 The Start of a New Era?: Romanians React to Ceauşescu’s Fall, by Katherine Verdery

2 Coming to Terms with the Communist Past: Democracy and Memory in Romania, by Marius Stan and Vladimir Tismaneanu

3 Public Space and the Material Legacies of Communism in Bucharest, by Duncan Light and Craig Young

II: Politics from Below Identity, Civil Society, and the Mediak

4 Ethnicity, Nationalism and the Minority Regime, by Levente Salat and Csaba Zoltán Novák

5 On Women, Feminism and Democracy, by Mihaela Miroiu

6 Political Culture and Participation: Between Enthusiasm and Indifference?, by Radu Cinpoeş

7 Spectacular Alterations, Few Changes in Romania’s Media, by Peter Gross

III: Politics from Above: Representation, Parties, and Presidents

8 Representation, Incumbency, and the Quality of Romanian Democracy, by Ronald F. King and Cosmin Gabriel Marian

9 Unsocial Democrats: The PSD’s Negative Role in Romania’s Democracy, by Tom Gallagher

10 House of Cards: The Presidency from Iliescu to Basescu, by Lavinia Stan and Diane Vancea

IV: The EU Factor: Accession, Rule of Law, and Human Rights

11 Romania’s Commitment to the Rule of Law?, by Dennis Deletant

12 Environmental Network Governance in Romania, by Cristina E. Parau

Conclusion: Post-Communist Romania at 25 and Hopes for the Future, by Monica Ciobanu