Additional affiliation Thursday, Jun 5 2014 

Both Lucian Turcescu (Concordia University) and I are now members of Le Centre canadien d’etudes allemandes et europeennes at Universite de Montreal. The Centre graciously hosted me during my sabbatical, 2013-2014. It runs a wide range of programs related to European studies.

Chapter in new book on Eastern Orthodoxy Thursday, Jun 5 2014 


Lucian Leustean’s impressive volume on Eastern Christianity and Politics in the 21st Century just appeared at Routledge. I coauthored the chapter on the Romanian Orthodox Church together with Lucian Turcescu. The publisher’s description of the book:

“This book provides an up-to-date, comprehensive overview of Eastern Christian churches in Europe, the Middle East, America, Africa, Asia and Australia. Written by leading international scholars in the field, it examines both Orthodox and Oriental churches from the end of the Cold War up to the present day. The book offers a unique insight into the myriad church-state relations in Eastern Christianity and tackles contemporary concerns, opportunities and challenges, such as religious revival after the fall of communism; churches and democracy; relations between Orthodox, Catholic and Greek Catholic churches; religious education and monastic life; the size and structure of congregations; and the impact of migration, secularisation and globalisation on Eastern Christianity in the twenty-first century.”

More information is available at: