From the Desk of Lavinia Stan, President of The Society for Romanian Studies:

Forty-one years after its creation, the Society for Romanian Studies is the premier organization that gathers and represents Romanian Studies scholars around the world. With its ever larger membership, outreach to students and young scholars, and diversified activities, the Society is well positioned to become an indispensable resource for all those who study, write and teach about Romania, Moldova, their cultures, minorities, and diasporas. 

During my presidential mandate (January 2014-December 2015), my goals will be to increase our reach to students and scholars inside and outside Romania and Moldova, as well as strengthen and expand our programs.  

This website strives to be your gateway to the world of Romanian Studies. Please join our Society, and tell us your thoughts, news, and ideas. Your feedback is important to us! 

Let us know what projects you’re involved with, what you’d like to see here, how we might improve.

Welcome to the Society for Romanian Studies!


Lavinia Stan