Romanian Politics in 2012: Intra-Cabinet Coexistence and Political Instability Monday, Sep 23 2013 

An article I published in September 2013 in the new South-East European Journal of Political Science, whose managing editor is Sabin Dragulin. The article discusses the political events of 2012 in Romania. That was considered the “black year” by many analysts.

 “By all standards, 2012 was a very busy political year for Romania, a country that, during the span of several months changed four different governments, organized local and parliamentary elections, and saw its president being suspended and then reinstated as a result of a controversial popular referendum. This article uses the framework of intra-cabinet coexistence in an effort to provide a chronological overview of the most important political events of 2012. The focus is on the relationship between the elected president and the cabinet, which share overlapping responsibilities and competencies, but also on the involvement of the Constitutional Court in deciding the fate of key political actors.”

Citation in Ratio Juris posting Wednesday, Sep 18 2013 

The Ratio Juris blog mentions the Encyclopedia of Transitional Justice and my book on Transitional Justice in Post-Communist Romania (both published with Cambridge University Press earlier this year) in their Restorative and Redistributive Justice during Periods of Transitional Justice: A Selected Bibliography. The bibliography is available here.

An informative and interesting site: MINUTE MBA Friday, Sep 6 2013 

An informative and interesting site is MINUTE MBA, which offers a number of short presentations on topics of interest for Business and Political Science students alike. You might want to try watching its material on 3 Reasons Why Government Shouldn’t Be Run Like a Business.

Other materials are also available.

Again on property restitution Sunday, Sep 1 2013 

With some delay, I found this article in Jurnalul National that cites me – “România, repetenta Europei la restituirea proprietăţilor”, published on April 22, 2012. It is available here.