Professor Vladimir Tismaneanu and his colleagues informed us that the Auditing Commission of the Prime Minister has issued a press release in which it formulated grave allegations pertaining to the management of public funds against the former leadership of IICCMER. Representatives of the latter presented to us their reply to these allegations.

We are particularly disturbed that neither Professor Tismaneanu, nor his colleagues were informed about these charges before the Government document reached the mass-media on December 2, 2012. We are disturbed that, in spite of the fact that the Government’s Report speaks about substantive professional issues as well, none of the members of the Scientific Council was approached by the Government’s representatives to discuss these issues.

We express our utmost concern regarding the use of governmental institutions for public campaigns that target respected scholars, appreciated both internationally and nationally.

We deplore the attempts to question the merits of a research institution that has an outstanding record of service to the profession and to the field of analyzing the communist regime in Romania. We reject any politicization of the activity of IICCMER.

Our collaboration with the former leadership of IICCMER was exemplary and we believe that, between April 2010 and May 2012, the institute fully and comprehensively fulfilled its mandate.

We are worried regarding any tendencies to dismiss and besmirch the activity of the former leadership by individuals and institutions with no scholarly credentials in the study of communist regimes.

Last but not least, we condemn the mudslinging campaign against Professor Vladimir Tismaneanu, one of the most respected international scholars in the field of communist and post-communist studies.

In conclusion, we wish to express our full support for the former leadership of IICCMER.


Mihnea Berindei (Institut des Sciences Sociales du Politique/CNRS)
Maria Bucur (Indiana University)
Dorin Dobrincu (Universitatea Al. I. Cuza din Iași)
Tom Gallagher (University of Bradford, UK)
Paul Hollander (University of Massachusetts at Amherst)
Anna Kaminsky (Stiftung zur Aufarbeitung der SED-Diktatur)
Mark Kramer (Harvard University)
Bogdan Murgescu (Universitatea din București)
Janos Rainer (Institute 1956, Ungaria)
Jacques Rupnik (Sciences-Po, Fondation nationale des Sciences politiques, Paris)
Levente Salat (Universitatea Babes-Bolyai din Cluj)
Lavinia Stan (St. Francis Xavier University, Canada)

All members of the former Scientific Council were contacted. Because of objective reasons some of them have not replied yet to the present letter, but we believe they will be able to do so – IICCMER’s former leadership.

The text was also posted here by 22, the review of the Bucharest-based Group for Social Dialogue.