Last night Nadya and I crossed a psychological barrier. We now have received and sent over 4,900 emails, all related to the Encyclopedia of Transitional Justice that will be published in 2012 by Cambridge University Press. Some emails were sent to recruit contributors, remind them of the submission deadline, send out the revised entries, and declare entries final and fit to be included in the mega-file. Other emails were received with submissions, revisions, amendments, slight changes to the text, the cross-reference list of further readings. We have over 150 contributors from literally each and every continent. It could well be the case that we’ll count over 5,000 emails by the time the manuscript goes to the press!

24 March 2012 – the encyclopedia is already with the CUP. Total messages – over 5,800!

17 August 2012 – Over 6,450, but we are nearing the end!