New York/Prague, Sept 3 (CTK) – Czech documentaries Children of the 1950s, describing the fate of children of political prisoners, have received two awards at the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival (NYIIFVF), producer Zuzana Drazilova told CTK Friday. Four documentaries received the audience award for international film and the award for the best international historical documentary. In April, the documentaries won the main prizes in their categories at the international festival Worldfest in Houston, Texas. The first part of the seven-episode cycle, shot by students of the Prague film school FAMU, is devoted to the daughters of political prisoners. Now another seven episodes will focus on sons of of political prisoners. The documentary Dasa is the story of Dagmar Stachova whose parents were detained for helping an anti-Communist resistance member and were jailed for many years. In the documentary To My Father, Miroslava Bockova still lives in the house in which her father was detained. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Before, the German Gestapo imprisoned him during World War Two. She was four at the time of his arrest. One Life is a story of Ludmila Voriskova, a daughter of Rudolf Vorisek, a Christian intellectual, translator and publisher. In 1952, he was sentenced to eleven years in prison for treason. At the time, his daughter was five. The documentary I Am Not Afraid to Speak is devoted to Margita Zimanova whose father was executed for helping a relative to escape abroad in 1953. Her mother was given a life sentence for the same reason and only released from prison after serving seven years.

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