INTERVIU cu prof. Lavinia Stan: „Mi se pare normal ca BOR și toate celelalte biserici să facă lobby” Thursday, May 26 2022 

An older interview, taken by Prof. Daniel Citiriga some time ago:

Lavinia Stan predă științe politice la St. Francis Xavier University în Canada. Cunoaște în profunzime realitățile politice, sociale și academice din România. În privința plagiatelor, crede că aproape 100% provin dinspre serviciile secrete și în general zona militarizată armatei.

Suntem la 30 de ani de la Revoluția din 1989. Ca specialist în științe politice și, în particular, în subdomeniul Justiție de tranziție, cum vedeți evoluția României în perioada post-comunistă?

Lavinia Stan: Evoluția nu a fost lineară absolut deloc. Din punctul de vedere al Justiției de tranziție s-a înregistrat progres sau regres în funcție de opțiunile ideologice ale diverselor guverne care s-au perindat pe la conducerea României. La o primă vedere se poate spune că, în cazul României, guvernele cu un aport mare al foștilor comuniști au fost reticente față de un program de redresare a trecutului recent, de recuperare a memoriei comuniste, pe când guvernele care au fost un pic mai independente de tendințele foste comuniste, dacă nu chiar anticomuniste, au avut o mai mare apetență, o mai mare disponibilitate, să considere oportunitatea implementării unor programe de lustrație, de deschidere a arhivelor secrete, de aducere în instanță a foștilor torționari comuniști, de restituire de proprietate, de constituire a comisiilor istorice sau de adevăr.și-toate-celelalte-biserici-să-facă-lobby-/29965725.html

Fellow BMIG Thursday, May 26 2022 

Technically speaking, I am becoming a Fellow of the Brian Mulroney Institute of Government on July 1, 2022. But the announcement has already been made, and I am listed as a fellow already.

Conference on North Korea Thursday, May 26 2022 

Almost a decade ago, ASAN organized a conference on the Koreas, in Washington, DC. I made long-term friends at that conference, which marked the beginning of my interest in North Korean human rights violations. The announcement is here:

Transitional Justice in a Reunified Korea: Peace-Building & Reconciliation

My article in EUObserver Thursday, May 26 2022 

When SGI asked me to write on Romania’s referendum, I was under the belief that that article will be published by SGI only. But luckily for me, they also published it in euobserver. This was a nice surprise, and I am including the link here:

Romania’s referendum – a bid to combat corruption


Romanian president Klaus Iohannis’s decision to call a national referendum on 26 May seeks to challenge the ruling party’s track record for corruption, as well as its recent assault on the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary. 

After the 2016 elections, the Social Democrat Party (PSD) secured a majority in parliament with the help of two junior parties and then used this strong position to hammer out new criminal codes that endangered the rule of law for the sake of protecting corrupt party leaders.

Jean-Claude Juncker, Klaus Iohannis

Talks at Lund University, 2021 Thursday, May 26 2022 

This is the announcement for two of my talks at Lund University in October 2021. That was a fun trip:

Vigilante justice in Central and Eastern Europe – lone wolfs or misguided civil society?

Welcome to  two open lectures with 

Lavinia Stan, professor of political sciences, at St. Francis Xavier University in Canada and a guest lecturer at  European Studies, SOL, LU.

The lectures will take place 

18 October , 1:15-2:30 pm in  H435

“Vigilante justice in Central and Eastern Europe – lone wolfs or misguided civil society?”


19 October 16.15–18.00 in B152 and at Zoom:

Orthodoxy, Memory and Nationalism in Romania – Some Markers

In her work  professor Stan focuses on democracy and democratization — especially religion and politics, as well as transitional justice — in post-communist Europe. Her publications include “Church, State, and Democracy in Expanding Europe”, and “Religion and Politics in Post-Communist Romania” (published by Oxford University Press in 2011 and 2007, respectively) as well as “Post-Communist Transitional Justice: Lessons from 25 Years of Experience “ (co-edited with Dr. Nadya Nedelsky, Cambridge University Press)

Truth and Memory: The Twin Perils of Secret Archives – Lavinia Stan Thursday, May 26 2022 

Last year in March, Dr. James Kapalo marked the end of his huge grant, and research project on surveillance of religious minorities, with a conference where I served as the keynote speaker. Today I found that announcement as well, and a recording of my talk. Many thanks to James and his team for the invitation, and congratulations on their very important work:

Truth and Memory: The Twin Perils of Secret Archives – Lavinia Stan

Romania: Past and Future Thursday, May 26 2022 

Way back in 2009, the Romanian Ambassador to Ottawa, Elena Stefoi, organized an interesting conference to mark 90 years of Romanian-Canadian relations. I had the honour to be invited at that conference, and today just found on the internet a short announcement of the event.

Intelligence Online Friday, May 20 2022 

Just got interviewed by Intelligence Online in connection to Romania and the invasion of Ukraine. Interesting publication, full of topical analyses.

A talk by Bruno Leo on the importance of art in our contemporary life Thursday, May 19 2022 

Bruno Leo is not a commercial painter, but an artist with a rich philosophy animating each of his art pieces. Again, out thanks for to Prof. Marius Cucu for organizing this event.

Talk for University of Suceava Thursday, May 19 2022 

It was my great pleasure to talk about the second edition of the Encyclopedia of Transitional Justice at this event, organized jointly by the University of Suceava and some other academic units in Moldova. Many thanks to Prof. Marius Cucu for masterfully bringing all this together.

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